Welcome to Bright Manor & Co.

Our husband [fairytale creator] // wife [Dr. Bright] design team aspire to stimulate your sense for fashion and thought.

About Authors: Daryl Bright // @brightmanor // Seventy-First High School c/o 1999

A dude with design in his blood, DB comes to you as an apprentice of Cole’s Tailoring (Fayetteville, NC), scholar of Sociology (Fayetteville State University, 2010) and Master of Global Fashion Enterprise (the former Philadelphia University, May 2018…CONGRATULATIONS husband)!!!

About Authors: Dr. Nieka Bright // @doc_bright // Seventy-First High School c/o 2002

A bookworm from birth, I’ve had my head buried in a book for as long as I can remember. This fascination with words, literature, the novel, and the like lead me to successfully defend a Doctorate of Philosophy in Kinesiology (Temple University, 2013) regarding genetic associations to concussive recovery in collegiate athletes; this, following a Master of Science in Kinesiology (Temple University, 2009) and a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sport Science & African and Afro-American Studies (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2007).

A passion for the continued pursuit of written forms of communication, coupled with an excitement for the arts has brought us to you, eager to titillate your fancy with a slew of dope pictures and well versed words.

Here’s to a lasting, thought provoking relationship!!


In homage to the tailor and the craft of dressing one’s client, we handcraft limited-edition, made-to-order artwear in our North Philly home studio.

Upon weaving our thoughts during a garment’s initial design, then textures during its eventual construction, our pieces are typically imbued with ambiguity.

A kind of chaotic minimalism, coupled with a fascination of merging textiles, gives a decorative depth to our habiliments; while the potential of each of his pieces becoming one of mine enhances the actual depth of my wardrobe–creating a ‘sharedrobe’ of sorts.

We hope to become a staple to a brigade of clients wanting to invest in the creation of a unique wardrobe. Thereby, those we dress get a traveling team tasked with tailoring garments//accessories all in an effort to keep you fly.


A collection of past pieces, which won’t be produced again.



 As embodied by our mascot [flying penguin] we encourage you to live your dreams and realize impossible is possible…

Bright Lights & Love